About Us

We offer educational therapy sessions in English (including comprehension and creative writing), Mandarin and Mathematics, in either group or individual basis. We are MOE approved with our Registered Psychologist having a particular focus on children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

In Singapore, dyslexia is relatively common. Overseas research has indicated that the level of dyslexia in the general population could be up to 6%.

Most children are identified to have dyslexia after the child has had a few years of primary school. During this time the child may have consistently failed to achieve the reading, writing and spelling skills expected of them.

To help children with dyslexia, we offer remediation lessons tailored in accordance to the child's school syllabus, and with intensive recall and repetitive memory methods deployed throughout.

Dyslexic children can come from any socio-economic group, from any geographical area in Singapore, and from families with a range of attitudes about education, schooling, and learning.

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